Toilet & Washroom

A well equipped, clean and hygienic washroom makes a positive lasting impression. In simple terms it says you care about the well-being of your customers, staff and visitors. At Elite we provide specialist washroom services to help you maintain a safe hygienic washroom environment for your staff and the good of your business. Specialist equipment and materials are used to remove uric acid scale, mineral and organic build ups in toilet bowls and urinals. Detergents and high-pressure hot steam can be used to clean all surfaces and appliances, including toilet seats, tanks, hinges etc. Any sources of unpleasant odours can be eradicated. All toilet surfaces are sterilized to remove any harmful bacteria.

Our washroom services include a total urinal package that can help you safely reduce water consumption while saving on your water bill. Your cost savings could be so significant that the package could literally pay for itself! As part of our washroom cleaning services, this package involves the installation of small urinal sanitisers which is placed on top of the drainage hole for long term urinal maintenance and a fresher smelling washroom.